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Benefits Of Baths

The skin is our largest organ, taking in and removing products of our environment and body. Yet it is often forgotten when we start taking steps to heal and rejuvenate ourselves. 

Applications of medicine to the skin are quickly absorbed and put into effect, whether herbal or conventional. Baths target the skin as a whole, not just individual areas- Stimulating the entire organ to respond to problems and reducing the chance of fixing one area just to have it show back up in another. Soaking in a herbal bath also opens up the skins pores, giving the opportunity to remove any build-up within and to take in any cleansing effect.

A warm or hot bath will also increase blood flow throughout the body, relax the muscles, increase the heart rate, and reduce stress. An article posted by Harvard Medical School suggests that its possible to have positive cardiovascular benefits. Hot baths can also be beneficial in breaking a fever, recovering from colds and flus, and stimulating the immune system.

If you have a weak heart or high blood pressure, consult a doctor prior to taking a hot bath.

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Preparing Your Tea Bath

Take the loose strings of the tea bag and tie it directly to the faucet of the tub, filling the tub about halfway with the hottest water. For the last half, adjust the temperature to your preference. Once you are done filling the tub, untie the tea bag and let it soak in the tub with you. 

Alternatively, you can fill up a pot with water on the stove, bring to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer and add the tea bag for at least 5 minutes. Remove from heat at let soak for an additional 20 minutes. Pour the tea directly into the bathtub and fill to your preferred temperature.

The tea bag and herbs are both biodegradable and can be added to a compost bin. The sticker will need to be removed but can be recycled.

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Story Behind The Baths

Vulpes Botanicals started as many businesses do, with a simple idea. Herbal medicine has been gaining a lot of interest over the last several years with the growing evidence that people need to treat themselves as a whole and not a series of symptoms. 
Over the last few years, we have had outbreaks of skin problems with no long term relief results from our dermatologist. When we started looking into alternative options, we stumbled across a few posts about herbal baths. After researching different herbs and their effects on the skin, we started mixing our own blends and adding them to our baths. We found them very relaxing and even relieving when our skin was irritated, but the cleanup of all the loose herbs after each bath was not ideal. One day, we decided to stick the herbs in a leftover tea bag and add that to the bath. We were happily suprised to find that the herbs soaked just as well and there was no messy clean up after getting out!

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